Truck Rental and Sales ? Crane Trucks and Service Trucks

If you are running a large business you will often come across the need to hire a Truck for moving materials from one place to another. If you are in a remote area or are a mining company you may require a truck that will not only handle all terrain but also allow you to load and unload your materials with a crane. 4 X 4 Crane Trucks are necessary if you need to get materials to remote areas such as on a pipe line or camp or if you are at a remote mine site that needs the truck to go over rough roads to get there. Normally if you are in this situation you might also require a service truck to use as a maintenance truck. A service truck can carry all sorts of tools and equipment for maintenance and repairs on site


Crane Truck Rental and Sales

If you need a crane truck o...

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Customizing Pedal Cars

When you think of pedal cars, you probably assume that they’re just a children’s toy. Well, you’d be wrong. Across the world, thousands of adult collectors enjoy pedal cars. They may purchase an original or restored version of a vintage car, or even a newer model designed to look like one of these classics.

A growing area of pedal car collecting is in customization. This involves the process of turning a vintage or newer pedal car into your own unique design. In fact, it is much the same as customizing a real hot rod, except that there are no interior parts that you’ll need to upgrade.

Although pedal cars can be found in many different styles today, some collectors prefer to begin with the plainest model they can find, making it completely their own...

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The Truth About Antique Cabinets

antique car show
by Tallok

Have you ever walked into a home and there was just something that instantly made you feel at home? Or experienced the ambiance that just elegance? Even in a home that is super modern when it comes to appliances and gadgetry can still have that old world charm, just look for antique cabinets!

You may think the idea of antique cabinet went out with the technology age; however, the numbers are showing that people around the world are being charmed by antique grapevine designs for curios and medicine cabinets, overwhelmed by the rich rosewood, and carved ivy vine. Antique cabinets like these and others can make your home instantly memorable when people come to visit, or if you ever decide to put your home on the market...

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Digger derrick trucks

Digger derrick trucks are a masterpiece that the evolution in mechanical engineering has given birth to. The Digger derrick trucks are one of the most powerful and useful heavy machineries that are currently being used in the execution of many constructions, maintenances and other related works. These are mainly used for the digging purposes. However, there role is not confined merely to digging. The digger derrick trucks are powerful machinery that can dig the land very swiftly. It can execute the projects that would require weeks, or at times months if these are too be carried by the workers manually. These trucks can be seen deployed by the district authorities to dig deep holes for the installation of poles and pylons...

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Follow Others’ examples

Would you like to know how somebody succeed so that you are able to copy them. OR  are you concerned about what they are doing AT THE MOMENT so as to take part in their organization in the future? One of the people that taught me a great deal questions me during his live events: “Would you like me to let you see how I got where I am at present or would you like me to show you what I am doing today.


The gist is do you want to learn what I did each step of the way from the beginning so that you can follow my exact steps?


This is a loaded question.


Most people will immediately go “Yes, yes, yes teach me every little step so that I may copy you and gain your success!”. But in this case the second half of the question is the most important. It goes:


“Or would you ...

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How to Find the Best Antique Dealers in Canada?

We all know antiques are items which are old but since the introduction of online price comparison and auction sites the value and popularity of such items has sky rocketed. Antiques can be known by their age, sometimes a century old, their rarity and also their value on being a collectible. To get the best you must visit reputed antique dealers in your city or anywhere in Canada. Most Canadian experts who deal with antiques would be registered and would have a legal license to trade in antiques, so that keeps you safe and away from being fleeced. These dealers are people who have experience with selling, appraising, and buying antiques.


Ask any Canadian antiquing expert and they would recommend that you start out by visiting reputable dealers...

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What To Know About Boom Trucks

Trucks have given the United States the fastest and the most flexible transportation system in the world. There are many kinds of specialized trucks which perform high-powered services and among them is a boom truck. A boom truck is an automobile used for hauling huge materials. It has bucket-like apparatus on the folded arm. The use of this kind of truck is highly recommended especially in carrying fire-fighting equipment and tools to repair communication and electric power lines. It can also reach the high roofs of a house or of a building...

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General Contractor Agreement Examples

A general contractor agreement should be secured prior to any construction work that you want to be done. You may have shaken hands on a verbal agreement, but it would be better if everything was put on pen and paper. This way, questions that could arise during the construction can be clarified, thus lowering the likelihood of confusions and misunderstandings.

Besides, one has to protect himself from problems that can harm him in the future. With a general contractor agreement, you can have legal protection. So for every home construction that you want to pursue for home improvement, never forget to come up with a contract between you and the contractor.

The Internet is filled with tons of contractor agreement samples for your own use and convenient...

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Government Auctions Sales

Are you in need of a car or truck? You might want to have a look at getting your next car or truck at a government auction sales.  Each month all over the country, countless automobiles are seized by several Government agencies (Internal revenue service, DEA, Federal bureau of investigation) and Law enforcement departments and auctioned off to the public. Because of specific regulations these cars are listed and sold at up to 95% OFF their original worth. Quite a few auctions start at $ 100. Government pre-owner/surplus cars are nicely maintained and therefore are typically only 2-3 yrs old.

You can buy cars in an government auction sales held by government departments...

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Satellite Trucks

It is sometime necessary to shoot on location when broadcasting the news or capturing a live event. Whether it is just a one-minute clip or the entire segment that needs to be filmed on site, this is when a satellite uplink truck becomes necessary. All the things you take for granted which are located inside a video production studio need to be mobilized. Different trucks have different capabilities, so make sure you find a video production company that has a truck that fits your needs.

When broadcasting live via satellite or fiber optics, you will need a whole slew of additional equipment. A Ku band uplink truck or a C-band satellite truck will be what broadcasts your event to your medium of choice, whether it is a webcast, cable television, or satellite television...

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