Customizing Pedal Cars

When you think of pedal cars, you probably assume that they’re just a children’s toy. Well, you’d be wrong. Across the world, thousands of adult collectors enjoy pedal cars. They may purchase an original or restored version of a vintage car, or even a newer model designed to look like one of these classics.

A growing area of pedal car collecting is in customization. This involves the process of turning a vintage or newer pedal car into your own unique design. In fact, it is much the same as customizing a real hot rod, except that there are no interior parts that you’ll need to upgrade.

Although pedal cars can be found in many different styles today, some collectors prefer to begin with the plainest model they can find, making it completely their own. One of the most popular customizations, for example, is the addition of flames or other graphics in the paint along the sides and chrome accessories. However, you can also find pedal cars that already have such detailing.

When customizing pedal cars, first you’ll need to decide on a paint color. If the car already has some paint, it will need to be removed. The car can then be painted, and flames, pinstriping, and two-tone paint added, just like if it were a real full-size car. Skilled artists can even create much more complex graphics on the side and front of the pedal car. Some collectors even reshape the fenders or make other body modifications first. Once the exterior is painted, new accessories may be added, and interior will be re-upholstered, sometimes with real automobile upholstery.

Flames, chrome, and other details are also popular additions when restoring a vintage car. Restorations may be done to return the car to its authentic original state, or they may be done to improve its appearance with a unique idea in mind. The choices you’ll make here are very similar to the choices for restoring full-size cars. You can follow the original design of the vintage car you have chosen for restoration, or come up with a plan all your own.

Many of the most well-known pedal car customizations have been done by names that are big in the hot rod world. Pedal cars offer a fun opportunity to use their skills in a new way. The ones most talked about within the pedal car collecting world are often those created to be sold for charity purposes. These may fetch thousands of dollars at auction, and the owner will have a one-of-a-kind, completely unique pedal car. Others are customized as projects created by a group of hot rod club members.

While you may assume that pedal cars are small and simple toys, too simple, in fact, for customizations to be very detailed, this is far from the case. You may be surprised with the wide variety of customized models existing within the collector world. Like real hot rods, there are hundreds of different directions you can go with pedal car customization. Pedal cars are not just for kids, and there is a booming adult market for pedal cars, whether they are vintage or new.

Classic Pedal Cars specializes in premium quality pedal cars. All our pedal cars are stamped steel, not plastic and will last for years. The 1932 Flamed Roadster would be a perfect start to any customization project!

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