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Would you like to know how somebody succeed so that you are able to copy them. OR  are you concerned about what they are doing AT THE MOMENT so as to take part in their organization in the future? One of the people that taught me a great deal questions me during his live events: “Would you like me to let you see how I got where I am at present or would you like me to show you what I am doing today.


The gist is do you want to learn what I did each step of the way from the beginning so that you can follow my exact steps?


This is a loaded question.


Most people will immediately go “Yes, yes, yes teach me every little step so that I may copy you and gain your success!”. But in this case the second half of the question is the most important. It goes:


“Or would you like me to teach you what I am doing now?”


Again a lot of people would respond “yes, sign me up”.


But the trick to the whole thing is that some of these guys have spent 10+ years getting to where they are. Now, where they are is great, but do you want to spend 10+ years getting there?



You want to skip to the front of the line. You want to get there, or at least significantly closer, NOW.


So you want them to teach you what they are doing today, yesterday maybe and definitely what they are going to be doing tomorrow.


This greatly shortens your learning curve.


3+ years ago I would say that I knew every little about marketing other than what I refer to as “common sense” things. My partner has been a student of marketing for 15 years and been in the “Marketing” arena just as long. I on the other hand had a “day job” and it was not in marketing.


I did do some marketing in that job, but it falls into again what I refer to as “common sense”. Since I have been in the full on marketing world I have discovered that my “common sense” stuff is not quite so common, but that is another story.


But when I did dive into marketing I did not look for books about specific tactics from 10 years ago. I did not look at business plans from 10 years ago. I looked for what the big boys are doing now, today, tomorrow.


I have also looked at the classics. But that is not what I am talking about here. Those classics are the tactics that worked 100 years ago and still work today. But I am talking about the down and dirty, nitty gritty how-to stuff.


I did not want to spend 2 years learning how to do video and the inner workings of a video camera and such. I wanted to create a video today and post it today and start getting traffic from it today.


So I found someone who was doing videos today and asked them how they did it. I bought courses that had videos on how to do the things I wanted to do.


Could I have found out on my own without spending any money? Sure…


Could I have researched, searched Google, read articles, watched videos, bought equipment, figured out that it didn’t do what I wanted and bought more equipment all on my own with no help? Sure….


But why would I do that when there are people out there that are doing what I want to do. There are people that have done the research, bought the wrong equipment, tested things out and found the best way to do that thing I want to do. And now they are willing to share their knowledge with me.


If I can “skip to the head of the line” why would I not do that? Again I call this “common sense”.


So I ask you…


Do you want to learn how someone got where they are today so you can follow in their footsteps. OR do you want to know what they are doing NOW so you can join them tomorrow?


When you are learning a new skill many people go about it the hard way. They work really hard and spend a lot of time learning each new skill. Wouldn’t it make more sense to go to someone who already know how to do what you want to do and purchase their knowledge from them? Talk about moving to the front of the line.

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