What To Know About Boom Trucks

Trucks have given the United States the fastest and the most flexible transportation system in the world. There are many kinds of specialized trucks which perform high-powered services and among them is a boom truck. A boom truck is an automobile used for hauling huge materials. It has bucket-like apparatus on the folded arm. The use of this kind of truck is highly recommended especially in carrying fire-fighting equipment and tools to repair communication and electric power lines. It can also reach the high roofs of a house or of a building. It is safer to use a boom truck than the old-fashioned ladder trucks as it can carry from 10 tons up to 50 tons of materials and it has a stable platform that can also lift workers to the top of an electric pole without endangering the lives of the workers. boom trucks. Boom trucks have proven itself that it is really of help to workers because of its lifting capacity. It made hauling materials easier and effectively. It is perfect in working in confined areas or where extra penetration is a must. It has smooth movements but still the operator has maximum control. It also has vertical reaches and has easy boarding. Moreover, it is also considered as a cost saving device as it does the job fast but accurately. It also has an adjustable boom that is used for recovering vehicles in a place where the vehicle cannot be safely backed-up to. Owning a high-powered truck is really a must especially to building contractors. In deciding to have one, think of its features which might be useful for you or for your business to meet your needs and demands of clients in hauling activities. Also, be sure to compare prices of the trucks and of course, always think and prioritize its quality. This includes the highest quality of the components of the truck, mileage, gross weight, engine, fuel type and transmission. The ideal features of a boom truck are as follows: mileage-6,939, gross weight-33,000, engine- DT466, fuel type- diesel and 6 speed transmission.
Persons interested can buy and choose their trucks online. It can be said that choosing and buying the trucks online is the most convenient way of owning one because you dont have to leave your home therefore, saving time. Buying a boom truck with these amazing features doesnt waste your money instead you really get great value for it boom trucks.
Behind these must owned boom trucks is 1-80 Equipment Company and it is actually family-owned. The company is selling different kinds of trucks from such as boom trucks, crane trucks, forestry trucks and others. If you wanted to own one just visit their office at 120 Walnut Lane, Colona IL 61241 or contact 309-941-3701 or 309-941-3760. You can also visit http://www.i80equipment.com/bucket-trucks-41.shtml.


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